Why you Should Pay Attention to The Calf Muscles?


Some people do not value the importance and benefits of the calf muscle beside that it offer the leg a good, attractive or slender look. They are totally wrong as the calves have a great importance more than imaginable that will make you to never ignore if you were a body builder who is interested in lower body exercising.

Your calf is the second pump after your heart as it pumps the blood from lower to upper body. It also energizer blood circulation and enable you to stand and balance during movements or muscular efforts.

Therefore the following article will present you the calf exercises that will lessen the difference between upper and lower body and increase your movement strength.

Before exercising this exercise, which is indispensable and that can be exercised by way free as in the video or on the dedicated device calf muscle, you’ll know that it contains three methods you all practice.


by :stupidsimplefitness

The other form of exercise of this exercise is to be feet in the form of No. (INNER), it is targeted so the external parts that give you a lot of width and magnitude of the calf muscle.

The first of these methods that the feet are in a straight position are targeted so basic rear portions of the muscles of the calf, while the second is embodied methods of this exercise, you open little feet (OUTER), and the way those aimed at the inner parts of the calf muscle.

And you can practice all forms of this exercise, in the form of 6 sets by two sets each way but not less than all set for the 20th over.

This exercise is a great advantage in that you can repeat this process on any surface slightly elevated above the ground, whether peaceful or even the sidewalk practiced in the home, work or anywhere.

It is enough for the two groups at the foot of this exercise, each kit contains 50 seconds.


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