We get Numerous Questions on How to Gain Muscle Fast?



It is necessary for a body builder to sleep about 8 hours during the night for example 12 midnight to 8 in the morning. Many question the importance of sleep. Some people change their sleeping time often, such as 4 hours and 4 hours or other variations on a daily basis.

I want to attract your attention ⚠ to the fact that sleep has the biggest influence to grow muscles, about 40./. Of body building, as the muscle continue to work and grow while you sleep.


A body builder should eat 4-5 times a day and each meal should contain protein because it is the most factor for muscle grow body building consumes 40./. Of food 🥘 intake while regular exercise consumes 20./.then one question this difference. The answer is in the number of hours worked-out. For example:

If you exercise one hour a day it leaves 23 hours: deduct 8 hours for sleep and we are left with 15 hours. Thus, eating every 3 hours or 5 times a day, will make you a monster in 2 months.


Some people go to the gym but spend their time either on the phone, talking to other people or changing clothes.this is a boring workout. Thus, when one goes to the gym all his concentration should be on exercising and not just performing the exercises. Because concentration has a big influence to grow muscles health.


In haling and exhaling are very important in body building. During body building exercises do not hold your breath as breathing circulates the blood in the vessels. And transporting oxygen to the muscles which aids its growth. Proper breathing should be inhaling through the nose and exhaling throughout the mouth.

5.Rest between one exercise and the next and between set of



Some people exercise lazily which means they perform one exercise then sit 5 minutes before starting the next. This is an error because muscles and body cool down. As the purpose is to warn the muscles not to cool them, therefore, rest between one exercise and the next should not exceed 1 minute. The same between set of exercises.

These factors leads to muscles grow faster, stronger and better.


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