The Ultimate Calves Workout For Advanced Lifters.


Developing an impressive set of calf muscles is a struggle even for the most dedicated.

Most men believe calves are something you are born with and bow legged men with skinny legs cannot do mush for them.

This tougher to build calves than biceps, chest or quads. And instead of thinking of calves in terms of diamond shaped aesthetic and performing thousand of calf raises that may or may not produce significant results, one should think instead of how calves function and how best to strengthen them.

The two muscles that make up the calves ( the sole-us and gastrocnemius ) are responsible for extending the ankle.

The gastrocnemius ( the bulge of the calf) consists of more fast- twitch muscle fibers which boost the jumping and sprinting ability. The soleus , located behind the gastrocnemius, is more slow twitch fiber great for endurance sports. By performing exercises that build the function of your calves will surely create size as a byproduct. This may not produce 38 inch vertical but will get some diamonds.

Performance direction: This workout is a circuit with six exercises. Do the suggested number of reps for each exercise and then move to the next exercise without stopping or resting between exercises. Do three circuits total. You may rest one minute between circuits.


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