Tips to maximize biceps muscle mass gain when performing EZ bar Curls.


Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold the bar in an underhand grip with arms extended and curl the bar up towards your chest insuring your elbows are tight to your side.

  1. Strong wrist:

The EZ bar has an undulating middle section that allows a semi supinated grip which allow the bicep to be isolated effectively. Keep your wrists in the strongest position and turn them in towards your body and lock them in place. Experience person can flex the wrists away from the body to put more emphasis on the biceps and decrease the role of the forearms. Warm up with light weight first to avoid injury.

2.Bring in the biceps:

Obtaining bigger biceps require them to do as much lifting as possible. Thus starts with arms fully straight with triceps tensed then start each rep by squeezing your biceps. Do not start by swinging elbows forwards. And maintain tension on biceps while continuing to squeeze the bar as it rises. Once the bar is at the top, squeeze the biceps hard, lower the bar slowly and straighten the arms fully down before Starting next rep.

3.Tight elbows:

#important to remember that: -if sitting at a preaches bench, the elbows and back of upper arms need to be flush against the padding at all time. If standing, the elbows should remain tight to one’s side for the duration without allowing them to move up or down. In both positions above, reduce the weight if unable to lift the bar without moving the elbows.

  1. Retracted shoulder

shoulders also play a role while doing your curls. If sitting, keep the shoulders back to prevent leaning forwards over the bench for safest posture. If standing, retract the shoulder blades and raise the chest to keep the torso upright which prevents the upper back and shoulders leaning forward thus increasing pressure on the joints and lessening the range of motion.

5 Raise your chin by holding the head high and aligned with the neck.

Letting the chin drops towards the chest place pressure on the neck and upper spine leading the shoulders to move forwards. Standing in front of a mirror helps watching and focusing on keeping that position.

EZ-Bar Curl assistance moves:

AZ-Bar reverse Curl:

Stand with feel together and shoulders back. Hold the bar with hands just outside the hips keeping the elbows tucked to the sides. Curl the bar towards the chest stopping just before arms reach the vertical. Do Not Rock to start momentum.

Zottman Curl:

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and curl them to chest height, then twist your palms to face down wards before lowering them shifting the focus to the forearms. This exercise targets all the muscles on the front of the upper arm

Incline biceps Curl:

Set a bench to incline between 30• and45• Sit holding a dumbbell in each hand keeping your back flat against the bench and elbows close to your sides. Curl both dumbbells to shoulder height and squeeze your biceps at the top of the move and slowly return them down.


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