Applying this routine should take into account lowering the calories of each meal, otherwise you will be taking more calories than your body need to lose weight.

Eat Vegetables🍅🍆..and careful of 🍌 🍇🍑;

Vegetables and fruits have fibers and water, vegetables have lower calories and help greatly in the diet. Fruits also have somewhat low calories but high carbohydrates. So eat 1-2 fruit a day but a lot of brocolis, cauliflower and spinach. Those are very low in calories so increase their consumption.


Simple carbs are sugars that are easily absorbed that if placed on your diet it would be the worse choice because it does not burn easily and get stored as fat when taken excessively and make you hunger for more carbs.

The best time to consume simple carbs is after exercising as it let muscles store glycogen faster and hasten the muscles recovery.

So take 40 gm of simple carbs with. 30-40 gm protein.

Stay on complex carbs all day:

These are the complex starches that take long to absorb and let the blood sugar level normal and does not get depleted fast, thus your feeling for the need of more carb lessens and with it the hunger feeling. Examples of complex starches are brown rice 🍚, potatoes and oatmeal.

Drink lots of water💦


Water improves metabolism and lessen the body water storage. To calculate the amount of water you need to drink ؛ multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.55 than multiplay the result by 0.029.

Athletic persons need more than that number to replenish the water lost in sweat.

Eat fiber:

Fiber are excellent in diet as it give you the sense of fullness and improve protein absorption and bowels function.

You may take 25-40 gms of fibers daily with food.

Never forget proteins:

by Lukas Budimaier

Of course, we all know this. So take 1.5 gm for each pound of body weight. Concentrate on lean protein such as egg white, isolate whey protein, chicken 🍗 or turkey 🦃 breast or fish 🐟.

Forget rabbit 🐰 diet!!

People who diet and abstain from eating or eat carrots and lettuce thus  not taking in enough calories in order to lose weight are erroneous. This method allows the body to melt muscles to obtain calories and metabolism decrease.

To diet correctly and lose weight, lower your intake of calories by20-35’/. Of your normal, for example if you normally take in 3000 calories, reduce it to 2400 calories.





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